CQT Conference

CQT Conference Day | 4 August 2022


An invitation to researchers in quantum technologies in Singapore: CQT is hosting a one-day conference of scientific talks and posters and everyone is welcome!

This conference is organised for the visit of CQTs Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to provide updates from the Centre.

New members of the CQT community will be giving talks. We welcome to the programme two members of the SAB making their first in-person visit to CQT and researchers taking up new appointments as Principal Investigators. In addition, CQTians leading the three national platforms recently launched under the Quantum Engineering Programme will provide an inside update on these initiatives.

There will be opportunity for extended scientific discussions during the poster sessions, where all CQT groups will share updates on their research. Please register your attendance by 29 July 2022.

Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, Level 3, Cassia Room

4 August, Thursday Programme
10:00 Welcome remarks by CQT Director - José Ignacio Latorre
10:10 Introduction to National Quantum Computing Hub, NQCH by
José Ignacio Latorre, CQT, NUS
10:30 Superconducting circuits for quantum technologies by
Yasunobu Nakamura, Director, RIKEN Center for Quantum Computing, Professor, Research Center of Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
11:00 Are complex numbers needed in quantum theory by
Antonio Acín, ICREA Professor, ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Spain
11:30 Introduction to National Quantum-Safe Network, NQSN by
Alexander Ling, QEP and CQT, NUS
11:45 Introduction to National Quantum Fabless Foundry, NQFF by
Manas Mukherjee, QTE, IMRE and CQT, NUS
12:00 Lunch and Posters session
14:00 Solid state quantum material and quantum photonics by
Gao Weibo, SPMS, NTU and CQT
14:30 From nonequilibrium topological matter to Floquet quantum computation by
Gong Jiangbin, Dept of Physics and CQT, NUS
15:00 Quantum algorithms for machine learning and finance use-cases
Patrick Rebentrost, CQT, NUS
15:30 Building quantum networks of superconducting circuits mediated by telecom photons by
Steven Touzard, Dept of Material Science and Engineering and CQT, NUS
16:00 Posters session with refreshment
19:00 Conference Dinner

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